6 Pics That’ll Make You Want to Book a Seat to Kilkenny

Attention: Serious wanderlust ahead. Check out these 6 sights, then get ready to grab your bus ticket and pack your bags – Kilkenny is waiting…

St Mary’s Cathedral, Kilkenny


St Mary’s Cathedral isn’t one of the largest Cathedral’s but certainly, the alter is one of the most beautiful. The mosaic work and stained glass windows are magnificent. It is located near the City center and close to the Black Abbey so you can make a visit to the make it ideal morning!


Smithwick’s Experience, Kilkenny



The Smithwick’s Experience starts from when you’re walking through the cobbled tunnel that leads you right up to the fabled gates of the brewery that has stood since 1710 as it really gets you in the mindset! Perfect for couples and larger groups looking for a present-day experience intertwined with the history of ale brewing in Kilkenny. Also, with your JJ Kavanagh & Sons bus ticket you can avail of the 20% off your admission fee 🙂

Kilkenny Castle


Kilkenny Castle overlooking the river Nore is the centerpiece of the medieval city of Kilkenny and sits proudly as it has done since the early 1200s. As you walk up the slope to the castle, its majestic frame seems to rise up out of nowhere before offering itself to you. The castle is a massive tourist destination but it was lovely to see so many families from Kilkenny out and about on the expansive castle grounds enjoying lunch and walking around with their dogs in tow!


National Design and Craft Gallery


Contemporary Irish crafts are showcased at these imaginative galleries, set in former stables across the road from Kilkenny Castle, next to the shops of the Kilkenny Design Centre. Ceramics dominate, but exhibits often feature furniture, jewellery, and weaving from the members of the Crafts Council of Ireland. Family days are held on the third Saturday of every month, with a tour of the gallery and free hands-on workshops for children.


Kilkenny City


Take a walk around Kilkenny City and take in all its beauty. The buildings are absolutely gorgeous and come in every colour imaginable; it is sometimes like being in a storybook! Every step is steeped in history and the tiny lanes hold so much atmosphere; if you walk along the Butterslip you can almost feel the medieval spirit that still abides in Kilkenny.


Castlecomer Discovery Park



If you need a little more action than walking around a don’t worry, because Castlecomer Discovery Park is a 15-minute bus journey from the City and it will certainly keep you entertained. Why not begin your January by doing the ‘leap of faith’? It really isn’t for the faith hearted as the climb up to it is a rickety swingy pole about two stories tall and then jumping and catching a trapeze bar that looks like it is a mile away!


JJ Kavanagh & Sons has 9 services daily to Kilkenny City Centre. The Bus Stop is located at Ormonde Rd, it takes 2 minutes to get to the City Centre from the stop!


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