Timi’s Top Travel Tips!

Timi’s Top Travel Tips!

How’s that for alliteration!? I’ve spent most of my life travelling from place to place and there are a few things that are essential to every trip! There’s the obvious things and the not so obvious, there’s generic things everyone needs and some things that are just for me!

With the next leg of #TrailsOfIreland coming up and what is shaping up to be a fantastic trip to Clonmel, here are some of my top travel tips! Essentials and luxuries both!

Phone & Camera

Well this goes without saying really; documenting my trips are a big part of the fun of #Trails of Ireland and being able to share what’s happening almost as it happens is part and parcel of that. Also being able to talk to you guys on twitter and find out what’s happening where is always a highlight! My trusty wifi enabled NX 300 and M8 are both fantastic for the job but without the next top tip, they’d be almost useless after a while!

Portable chargers

How many times have you found yourself in the middle of nowhere, miles from any electrical sockets about to take a photograph and been unable to? You’ve had to make an executive decision; take this picture or take another one later? Or you’re down to 3% on your phone battery? #HORROR! Well, bring these along with you and peace of mind is yours!


You can’t underestimate the value of a good suitcase! Especially if you have to walk distances in your day. I carry or rather roll around my Tripp case whenever I travel; she’s light, she rolls like a breeze and is just the right colour for my personality! A good case will quickly become your best companion when you’re travelling alone.


With wifi on lots and lots of JJ Kavanagh & Sons and with a battery life significantly better than a phone, if you have a tablet, use it while travelling and use your phone while out and about! It’s much more efficient and sure while you’re sitting there, it’s easier to use a tablet anyway 😉

Bottle of water

Not a can, not a carton! You want to be able to save some of your drink for later in the journey if you’re on the go for more than an hour! Trust me, I’ve found myself panting with thirst on a few journeys in the past!


If you’re on a bus, train or plane forany length of time, having something to keep hunger at bay is very important! You want to be able to enjoy your journey and not have to wrestle with hunger pangs for the whole journey. I love little bags of carrot sticks… or #TrailsOfIreland chocolate!

So these are my top tips for now! What are yours? See you in Clonmel next weekend!