The Ultimate Student Foodie Guide to Limerick

Editors note: Bella Supiana is working with JJ Kavanagh & Sons on a new series called ‘Tastes of Ireland’. She’ll be travelling to our destinations and scouting out the best places for hungry travellers.

Here is Bella’s Ultimate Student Foodie Guide to Limerick:

Best hangover food

Donkey FordsAfter a boozy night of partying nothing beats something pure naughty and greasy! If you’ve danced the night away then you really have nothing to worry about… Right?! Anyways, have you heard of Donkey Fords? Voted one of the best chippies in the whole of Ireland, I can tell you with pure honesty they have the sexiest chips I’ve ever munched down! I’ve tried lots and lots of fries even from Maison Antoinne in Brussels where they say they invented the beloved frite!

Donkey Fords is a fifth generation kind of chipper and even on the wet day I visited, there were people coming in and out in their dozens! You won’t be fussed over nor have any fancy seats to plonk yourself on, but I’m sure that’s right up your alley! What I can guarantee you’ll get is the best bag of home-style chips you’ll ever taste! For just €2.80 a bag, the chips are thrown in with generosity and parceled up like a precious gift, now doesn’t that sound posh?

Best hangover drink

Bubble BusterIt’s the morning after a hardcore night on the town and you’re feeling pretty shook… Even the sounds of a greasy fry or bag of Donkey Fords won’t do, so it’s serious! The only possible solution I can think that will bring you back to life is a Hangover Buster from Bubble Tea Paradise Healthy Cafe. The only cure in a glass that’s gonna put a spring in your step!

Seamac, the owner of this healthy bubble of goodness knows a thing or two when it comes to feeling great. So you can be sure he’s got a stomping remedy up his sleeve to hose down that almighty fear! A concoction of apple, pear and lemon at just €3.50 is a pretty cheap way to clear out those cobwebs!

Discount: Get 10% off your food by simply showing your JJ Kavanagh & Sons ticket when paying at Bubble Tea Paradise 🙂

Best tea / hang out spot

You have hours to spare between lectures, want to spend some quality time with your mates or simply need a bloody good cuppa tea! The Stormy Teacup is without doubt the spot to do all three and much more… Near closure was feared by thousands until Adam came along to reopen and recreate it. The Stormy Teacup now starts to bloom again with it’s wonderfully mismatched furnishings and non-fussy atmosphere, homing Limericks students in their droves!

Stormy Tea Cup _Collage


That tea lover in you… Yeah you! They’ve a shelf full of the stuff, ready for your eyes to burst. A tea for every day of the year… I slurped on (yep you can slurp here!) a Chili Hot Chocolate (€3.00), so firey my shivering body heated up in a jiffy! You gotta try the Blooming Lilly Flower Tea (€3.70), absolutely delicious not to mention the epic experience of watching the flower open up to flavor the steaming water!

My favorite spot is on the sofa near the big bright window, tea in hand, gawking at those brownies I’ve been told are made by a cracking woman at The Milk Market… Where’s yours?

Discount:Get 2 for 1 off your tea’s at the Stormy Tea Cup by simply showing your JJ Kavanagh & Sons ticket 🙂

Best lunch deal


Lunch time deals

I’m sure there’s a hiddenfoodie in you, screaming out for something artisanal (sounds fancy but it’s just pure local honest grub!) and we all know The Milk Market is the best place to fill you full of that yummy stuff! Fresh Five Fridays, if you haven’t already heard is a market banging out super duper Milk Market famed food at just a fiver. Nope, I’m not joking! A fiver…

Every Friday from 10am until 4pm this amazing venue is transformed into an open eating street food gem. With tables and chairs go loir atop the cobblestones and buskers like The Fake McCoys this place is as hip as it comes and you and your friends are gonna love it!

The Milk Market _5Spare a few minutes to chat with Dennis of The Griddle Cake Bar and taste his Dutch inspired Poffertjes, pronounced po-fer-chez or quite simply known as little fluffy pancakes! I’d say you’ve devoured some pretty tasty pancakes in your time but I’m not kidding… These guys are the fluffiest little things you’ll ever stick in your gob!

After that head straight over to Bon Appetite and practise your best French with Sebastian while munching down his famed crepes stuffed with whatever you want! If you’re feeling something savoury his knock out galettes (savoury gluten free crepes) are stellar.

A brilliant spot to pass a few hours while waiting for lectures and at the same time fill your tummy with Limerick’s finest delights! Take a look below for some deals you can bag at a bargain!

Best sweet treat fix

Ice Cream Collage

We all have a sweet tooth and when it kicks off I can think of two top treats that you’ll get in Limerick city! Gelato a fancy sounding name for Italian style ice cream is something Gusto d’Italia on Williams Street has become famous for. I’m sure you’ve heard of it… Owned by two pretty cool dudes, Michael and Damien this place is a must try! Silky, soft, smooth and creamy Gelato in oodles of flavors is sure to fill that sweet tooth of yours. Their pistachio gelato melted in my mouth along with the refreshing mango sorbet! For just under €7.00 for a whopper of a Sundae it’s gonna melt you away and keep those cravings at bay for a week at least!

Another classic all over Ireland let alone Limerick is SuperMacs hot chocolate muffin with vanilla ice cream! If you haven’t tried it by now I don’t know where you’ve been but you’re missing out. It’s one of those ‘I’m seriously broke but I’ll scower every floor board to make up that €2.60’ kind of treat. Desperate for a sweet fix but after paying the bills, getting the bear essentials and blowing it out on the town this is the kind of naughtiness that we can all scrape together every once and awhile! Or else… It would have to be very bad all together!

And the best bit? We can get down to Limerick for as little as €10 one way!

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