Student Food Deals In Dublin

Editors note: Bella Supiana is working with JJ Kavanagh & Sons on a new series called ‘Tastes of Ireland’. She’ll be travelling to our destinations and scouting out the best places for hungry travellers.

Student Food Deals in Dublin

Best Hangover Food – Bunsen Burgers

Student Food Deals Dublin

Dublin has some of the best partying spots in Ireland so it’s almost inevitable that all you students are gonna spend most of your college life in and out of these buzzing spots! From Coppers to the more hip Workmans, I can only imagine the hangover… Actually I really don’t want to!Here Student Food Deals Dublin

If you’ve spent a couple of years in Dublin, I’m sure you’ve heard of Bunsen Burgers. But if you haven’t and unless you’re a veggie or hardcore vegan then I seriously dunno where you’ve been! Think soft pillow like brioche buns with the juiciest thick beef burger you’ve ever put in your mouth.

‘Straight up burgers’ is what they call it! Traditional toppings like ketchup and mayo to tomato and lettuce binds together a small but truly epic selection of cheeseburgers to double (pleasures) burgers.

Burgers… Simply just burgers! Done to perfection, I just know these guys are gonna left-hook that hangover in the face!

Best Hangover Drink – Counter Culture

Student Food Deals Dublin

Ok, we’ve established that you’ve had a blinder of a night and now you’re paying the ultimate price! So next on the list is a brilliant hangover drink, to really tell that banish that hangover! And I have just the remedy… Or ‘Recovery’ should I say!

Counter Culture in the posh Powerscourt Centre is a super cool spot to blow out any cobwebs. Specialising in fresh and health-tastic food and drinks this place is a special little hangout. One of the coolest places to people watch in Dublin, it’s found on the top floor of the brightly light shopping complex. Art exhibitions are regularly showing so it’s also a great spot to pass a few hours between lectures!

But back to that hangover! A blend of kale, celery, cucumber, spinach, agave and sparkling water or H2O as they call it may make your tummy toss and tumble at the thoughts, but I can guarantee this green potion will have you back to normal in a jiffy! Plonk yourself on a stool by the high bar and gaze down at the other shops and groovy cafes.

Alternatively take this liquid magic on the road and head to the nearest park to chillax and recuperate – preferably if it’s not raining, but as I write this the sun is literally beaming so excuse the ‘sunny enthusiasm’!

Best Tea Spot – The Joy Of Cha Tea House

Student Food Deals Dublin

We’re Irish, right? And so the majority of us adore a good awld cuppa! It’s said to ease any tension, be the wingman to a cracking convo and is poured whether there’s a catastrophe or triumph – well in my house anyway!

The Joy of Cha has one aim and that’s ‘to offer the best teas in the world, in simple and cosy surroundings’. I would loved to have heard of a place like this when I was a student! Everything from the normal bog standard cuppa black to the more adventurous Brazilian Mate with extra caffeine that stimulates far longer than the normal tea or coffee is expected here.

Dublin’s first ever tea house, also serving up yummy sweet treats and epic looking all day food such as sambos and stuffed croissants and bagels! Grab a few mates, throw a few quid together and share large pots of tea for just €4.50. Don’t forget a pack of cards ‘cos I can see you staying here for a few brilliant hours!

Best Lunchtime Deals

It’s lunchtime and you’re belly is growling. I bet your brain is fa’shazziled after all those countless hours of economics or art history lectures! Well, it’s time to feed your will to get you through those intense times and nothing but utterly divine food will do!

Not only am I going to give you one place to find a booming food spot… But three, smashed up and ready to go! On the menu today is a super delicious thing called ‘choice’ and I think they are pure GOLD! So let’s take a look…

1. Bread & Bones

Student Food Deals Dublin

Serving up Asia on a pretty authentic plate! You’ll find some of the best Asian food by Bread & Bones who bring an invasion of fresh on Millenium Walkway. Think fragrant flavors sandwiched between a Taiwanese soft cushion like Bao or a crisp Banh Mi baguette all the way from vietnam.

For just €10 sit in or €6 take out, enjoy a vibrant Banh Mi or Bao along with a portion of epic home fries and a choice of an awld fizzy drink. I’d totally take a chicken Katsu any day, but I’m sure you’ll be back more than once so don’t worry, there’s time to try everything!

2. Havana Tapas Bar

Oh boy! Are you ready for a naughty, tasty and totally nice on the pocket kinda lunch? Well you’ve come to the right place… Like the name says, these guys specialise in Tapas. Super duper tapas in a sitting room, welcoming kind of setting (cool right?).

Student Food Deals Dublin

But the best news is that for as little as €5.50 you are in for a whopper of a deal. Accompanied by a stack load of crispy fries behold the Meatball & Cheddar sambo with a delicious Italy dreaming tomato sauce and sprinkled with fresh cracked blacked pepper on a crisp ciabatta. Super tasty… A must try!

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy you could always choose from three soup options and the likes of a toastie on the side or a lovely salad. And if that doesn’t rock the boat then you can hit up the sambo section and take your fancy!

3. Umi Falafel

For all you veggie lovers, vegans and general meat munchers, this place has an escape from all that college stress and a short trip to the Middle East – in the form of falafels… Great falafels!

Student Food Deals Dublin

Jam packed stuffed pittas – vibrant smashed falafel, slatherings of homemade hummus, pickled veggies and salad are an inevitable option. But they also do some pretty tasty lunch deals –

Meal one: €7.50

Choose a sandwich of your choice – ‘The Lebanese Falafel’, ‘The Hummus Sandwich’, ‘Falafel Your Way’ or a ‘Grilled Halloumi Sandwich’ which is served with spicy Batata Harra potato wedges and a choice of a soft drink, tea or coffee.

Meal two: €7.50

A generous platter of Middle Eastern goodies – four falafels, a salad of your choice – think tabbouleh to Moroccan quinoa salad, hummus dip and a choice of a soft drink, tea or coffee.

Best Burritos – Mission Burritos

Student Food Deals DublinEveryone needs to have at least one epic burrito bar in their ‘brilliant places to eat’ book! And having Mission Burritos in that book will only make your friends wonder why they haven’t already got them jotted down… A savage and totally Mexican feel of a place, serving up some of Dublin’s best burritos – you gotta get one of these street food classics into your gob!

Every burrito consists of a warm wrap, rice (tomato, coriander or lime), either black or refried beans, your choice of meat (the beef is fab!) and salsa, all brought together by the refreshing sour cream, salad and tomato (€6.75) for a student + a drink! If you’re gluten free or simply trying to cut down on the amount of bread intake simply munch into a ‘bare burrito’ – all the goodness minus the wrap, piled up in a box (€6.75).

Best Sweet Treat Fix – Yogism

A sweet treat fix is satisfying… But a truly epic sweet treat fix is inspiring and exhilarating! At the end of the day, you gotta treat yourself and award all that hard study. I can’t think of a better way than guzzling (maybe spooning – we don’t you to get a brain freeze!) down a tub of ‘fro-yo’, you know – frozen yoghurt!

Student Food Deals Dublin

All that fuss about Yogism is all about their specialised frozen yoghurts – epically and fantastically created. Lovin Dublin praises ‘finally someone cracks froyo this side of the Atlantic’. What I love about this place is you can make it as ‘clean’ or as utterly naughty as you like! Both vegan and non vegan options are available, so everyone is welcome.

You can top it with fresh berries and seasonal fruits or go as wild as you like with toppings like fudgy rocky road, chocolate, Kinder Bueno sauce (I know right!), brownies and just about anything but the entire living room and bath tub! No set prices – depending on how mad or restraint you went determines the price you pay, calculated on a weight system. If you guess the right weight you’ll bag yourself a Yogism on the house, so start weighing yoghurt at home so you can get a more ‘free-worthy’ bargain!



You can experience all of this yummy foods by getting up to Dublin with JJ Kavanagh & Sons from as little as €10 one way!