Electric Picnic Survival Guide

Electric Picnic 2016

Electric Picnic is back, and it’s set to be bigger than ever! With yet another wicked line-up, fun and quirky pop-ups and even VIP camping for those of you who fancy it, it’s set to be the festival of 2016.

Heading there to this years Electric Picnic? Here’s everything you need to know before you go…

Travelling to Electric Picnic?

JJ Kavanagh & Sons will be running official coaches from Friday 2nd August to directly to the festival and return coaches will operate on Sunday 4th (after the concert ends) and Monday 5th august (from 10am).

Electric Picnic Festival 2016, Stradbally Portlaoise


Electric Picnic Campsite

Once you get through the turnstiles, there’s a vast expanse of land where you’ll make your nest for the weekend. The key thing here is to choose one in advance and make sure that all of your mates know which one to base themselves in.

Electric Picnic Campsite layout 2016

While you don’t want to give yourself a half an hour walk to the main Electric Picnic arena, if you get too close you’ll be awoken early every morning by the inescapably loud amusement park rides stationed just outside the main arena (you’ll find your tent pretty easily though).

Campsites open at 9am on Friday 2nd September. While you may think there will be loads of room, the sites tend to get very full by Friday evening so the early birds always get the best spots. If your group have a few tents, put them close together or chances are that you’ll find a few new additions to your area by the end of the night.

An elevated spot can be a godsend if there are downpours on the horizon and whatever else you do, make sure that you’re not near the toilets!

Electric Picnic

➜ What do you need to pack? As with all festivals, Electric Picnic is at the mercy of the Great Irish weather so wellies and a pack-a-mac are musts. As well as stick on gems, flower hairbands and the mandatory beer funnel (we like to be prepared here). We also recommend saving a few quid by BYOB, even though you can’t bring it into the actual arena, you’ll save a ton on pre-drinking beside your tent!

➜ We all know there’s absolutely nothing worse than waiting and waiting for your favourite artist to start their set, with your phone poised to snap away only for your battery to die. #EpicFail. Don’t miss a moment by bringing portable charger so you can snap and share until your heart’s content, no probs!

➜ While you’re not allowed to bring your vodka in its original glass container, storing it in a water bottle is almost as risky. Have you ever woken up at 6am with a dry mouth and a bottomless thirst, only to drink deeply from a bottle of vodka? It’ll give you trust issues to last you until Electric Picnic 2020. Keep water in a water bottle and vodka in a Coke bottle.

➜ Argos and Dunnes Stores are usually a good port of call, while Aldi and Lidl usually run promotions in the weeks leading up to a festival for tents!


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