New & Improved | Waterford – Dublin Times

From Monday 18th January, 2016 JJ Kavanagh & Sons will operate a new timetable, on the Waterford – Dublin Airport (736) service.

Changes from Dublin Airport to Carlow / Waterford include:

1. Revised times from Dublin Airport to Carlow/Waterford at 10.00hrs, 14.30hrs and 17.30hrs.

2. NEW drop off times for Waterford IT at 12.40hrs, 15.45hrs and 20.00hrs.

Changes from Waterford to Dublin City/Dublin Airport include:

1. Revised pick up times from Tramore (Al’s Day Shop) at 10.30hrs and 13.00hrs.

2. NEW pick up times for Waterford IT at 08.10hrs, 10.40hrs and 15.30hrs.

3. New pick up time from Waterford Riverwalk Apartments at 10.45hrs.

4. Revised pick up times from Carlow (Coach Park) to Dublin City/Dublin Airport at 06.35hrs, 08.00hrs, 10.55hrs, 11.55hrs, 14.35hrs and 18.45hrs.

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 Happy Travelling 🙂