Tax Saver Tickets

The Tax Saver Ticket Scheme was established in Ireland in 2000 as an incentive for workers around the country. You can avail of this incentive on all of our services.

Top three Tax Saver questions asked:

Q1. How much can I expect to save with a Tax Saver Ticket?


Depending on the rate of tax (40% or 20%) you are on, you can save up to 52% on the price through the saving of tax USI and PRSI.


Q2. What are the Tax Saver ticket types?


We offer one type of ticket, an annual ticket. The annual ticket will cover any twelve-month period. The price will depend on the route you wish to travel.
To avail of this real saving, contact the office on 056 8831106.


Q3. How does it work?


JJ Kavanagh & Sons will issue your Tax Saver ticket on receipt of payment from your employer. Your employer recovers the cost of the ticket as a pay roll deduction and saves on the employer’s portion of PRSI. You will receive your discounted ticket as part of your salary.


Full details are available by contacting HQ on 056 8831106.