Ten Things For Under A Tenner In Dublin

Ahhh, lovely Dublin. It might be one of Europe’s more expensive cities, but it’s surprisingly easy to have a really good time here without spending a fortune. We have found Ten Things For Under A Tenner In Dublin. There are enough free galleries and museums to keep you entertained for days on end, there’s plenty of budget accommodation and nice cheap food to be found, and what really makes Dublin special – its atmosphere – can’t be bought anyway. If you’re planning to visit Dublin on a budget, check out these ten brilliant things to do, see and eat in the city, all for under a tenner each.

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Ten Things For Under A Tenner In Dublin

1. Best Brunch In Dublin

Bunsen Burger

The best brunch in Dublin – Havana Tapas are known for their brilliant tapas in a quirky, homey atmosphere. It’s almost like lounging on your friend’s couch as they rustle you up some pretty tasty Spanish food! In the heart of Dublin city, this is such a cool little spot. Not only is their tapas great but they also do a fantastic brunch for under a tenner! Choose from a Mexican and Spanish influenced menu and grab a mimosa to have yourself a boozy brunch!





2. Free Walking Tour In Dublin

Ten Things For Under A Tenner In Dublin

Again, we’re touting the good old free walking tour, and Dublin’s one is particularly good. It’s a three-hour baptism of fire into the city’s history and a great way to get your bearings – so do it at the start of your trip, and wear comfortable shoes or trainers. If you want to avoid bustling down the street with the group of ten million other tourists in the city, then the Original Dublin Alternative Walking Tour is the tour for you. This is not your average walking tour, with them you’ll hunt the edgy and underground cultures of Dublin. This is a first-hand experience guided by expats and locals who know the city as home. The tour prides itself on being an informative, social and unique experience. Travelling should be relaxed and fun, and they hope to help you on the way!  The tour starts every day at 11 am at the Spire on O’Connell Street.

3. The Little Museum Of Dublin

Ten Things For Under A Tenner In Dublin

This is one of our favourite things to do in the city. The Little Museum of Dublin has been open since 2011, exhibiting curios and artifacts that tell the story of Dublin beautifully. This museum is a labour of love and it shows – everything in it was donated members of the public, and the place has an intimate and personal vibe – you’ll feel a bit like you’re wandering around the house of the most interesting person you’ve ever met. The rooms are filled with photos and letters, gold-plated monster munch, posters, gas masks, old ads and even a rare copy of the contentious 1921 Anglo Irish treaty. Not only does a guided tour cost just €10 for adults and €8 for students and senior citizens.

4. Coffee Break In Dublin City

Ten Things For Under A Tenner In Dublin

Kaph located on Drury Street (just a few minutes’ walk from Grafton Street) certainly the coolest looking place in town to get a cup. Really awesome coffee and upstairs is the perfect sea of tranquility to escape the world with your coffee.

5. A Walk Around Stephen’s Green

Ten Things For Under A Tenner In Dublin

The truth is that this one really is weather dependent, so you may have to disregard in winter. But if you’re in Dublin, and the day is warm and sun’s shining, you need to have a proper Dublin saunter – a stroll in the lovely Stephen’s Green. On a good day, it’s one of Dublin’s loveliest places to be. It’ll be packed with people having lunch, chilling out, playing music, having the craic, and burning their poor, pale Irish skin to a violently red crisp. Feed the ducks, smell the flowers, and go see the statue of Wolfe Tone on the Green’s northeastern corner. Spend your tenner on a picnic, if you want. Dublin can be heaven.

6. Visit Glasnevin Cemetery

Ten Things For Under A Tenner In Dublin

Yes, it’s a cemetery and no, it’s not creepy. It’s one of Dublin’s top attractions, and with good reason. Glasnevin cemetery is the resting place of many of the people who shaped Ireland’s history – Daniel O’Connell, Charles Stewart Parnell, and the big fella himself, Michael Collins, to name a few. Take a self-guided MP3 tour of the cemetery and you’ll hear not just its history but the history of Ireland, as told by the cemetery’s genuinely excellent guides. The museum goes into more detail about the people who are buried in the cemetery and their stories, and there’s a lovely little café on site too. If you prefer a guided tour, it’s €12 – and despite that being a little above our budget here, I reckon it’s an extra €2 very well spent.

7. Have A Pint Of Guinness

Ten Things For Under A Tenner In Dublin

If you’re in Dublin, it’d be almost rude not to try a pint of plain. Now you might have heard that Guinness is an acquired taste so if you want to acquire it that bit quicker, you should probably start by making sure it’s a good pint, that’s been pulled properly in a great Irish pub. Dublin has a lot of great Irish pubs, but if we had to choose one to send you to? Go to Kehoe’s – it’s just off Grafton Street, it’s proper Irish, it’s old school, the Guinness is great, and if it’s a sunny day you can stand outside with a couple of hundred other people, having the absolute craic while you drink it. This is Dublin. Pints are a fiver. Have two, if you’re really committed to acquiring that taste.

8. Free Comedy At Stag’s Head

There are a number of reasons to go to Comedy Crunch (Monday nights at The Stag’s Head). It’s not just comedy, it’s decent comedy!  It’s free decent comedy. It’s free decent comedy in a great Dublin pub that serves equally great pints of Guinness (which is good news for those of you who are really committed to acquiring that taste we told you about earlier). And on top of all that, you get free ice cream.

9. Eat The Best Burger

Bunsen Burger 2Knowing a great place to grab a brilliant burger could woah you friends and possibly make you new ones! Bunsen Burgers is one of the best places in Ireland let alone Dublin to munch down the beloved burger. From bun to burger and all the way to fillings, the guys behind this mega creation have thought about everything. Simply put, they have created a masterpiece for under a tenner!

Beautifully moist and soft brioche buns sandwich the most succulent beef patties with fresh toppings. Grab a burger or two and wait for that woah moment…




10. Kilmainham Gaol

Ten Things For Under A Tenner In Dublin

Kilmainham Gaol is the place to go to learn about Ireland’s history and in particular its fight for freedom in 1916. During the guided tours you’ll see where so many Irish freedom fighters were imprisoned; you’ll even the yard where the leaders of the rising were executed. It’s chilling and fascinating, and it’s only four little euro to take a tour. The guides here really know their stuff, and their passion for the place and its history is clear as day. The price is €8 for a tour. You can book online here.