The Foodie’s Guide to Dublin’s Christmas Market

“Five top Food Producers to watch out for at the IBelieve Christmas market in Dublin this Winter!”

Editor’s note: Bella Supiana from Mangetout is the NEW food blogger for JJ Kavanagh & Sons. She’ll be travelling around Ireland to all the magnificent food markets, cafes, restaurants and bringing her thoughts on them ~ hope you enjoy!

This year get yourselves prepared for a Christmas market never seen before in Ireland. With a beautifully light up show stopping 50ft Christmas tree, only compared to that of New York’s Rockefeller, it is a must for any market enthusiast! The tree itself was grown in Co. Wicklow and kindly donated by Coillte.

A pop up bar called Après Ski is the place for a Winters night out. With a Scandinavian lodge theme, it’s sure to warm you up from the biting cold of Dublin during this stormy and wet month. Offering both drinks and food it should be a haven for anybody looking for a great night out!

Being a total and utter foodie, the food producers and traders were my calling. So take a read of the “foodies” you don’t want to miss during a trip to IBelieve:

1. Cake Face

Cake Face IBelieve

An absolutely sensational cakes, pastries and desserts company specialising in quirky and creative sweet treats. Laura Meade and her husband are the creatives behind this genius and any serious sweet fanatic has to get their lips on their tantalising treats! With the help of Laura’s suggestion, I tried her “Tip Top Toffee” mousse which sits on the most buttery and crumbly shortbread I’ve ever tasted. Make sure to leave room either in your bellies or your shopping bags because this girl has you covered and will leave you wanting more and more…


2. Two Tartes

Two Tartes IBelieve

Two friends or better known as “Two Tartes”! One a pastry chef and the other a brilliant baker. They specialise in all things cake and I had the pleasure of tasting both their gluten and non-gluten free Christmas puddings which were both incredibly moist and jam packed with dried fruits. A must taste and could make for a great Christmas pressie. I wouldn’t mind a steamy bowl drenched with a fresh custard! How do you like yours?

3. Lidl

Lidl cheese

One of IBelieves main sponsors, they also had time to set up shop amongst some of Irelands very best food producers. Showcasing a mountain of their fantastic cheeses and chutneys, it was a little treat to nibble on a selection of their finest cheeseboard items! A great place to stop by if you are thinking of presenting a cheeseboard after this year’s Christmas feast! I loved the smoked soft brie, absolutely divine…

4. Twisted Potato Chips

Twisted Potato Chips-2

My eyes feasted on these twisty spiralled potato chips. An absolute show stopper and something not yet seen. Your regular spud taken from a mid-range Prince to an absolute King! Served with different types of seasonings, one being the classic salt and vinegar. Spud lovers, kids, moms and dads alike will enjoy wholeheartedly winding down throughout this spiral of pure goodness.

5. Patel’s


Patels Spices IBelieve

Raman, founder of this spice blend company not only has a twinkle in his eyes but a profound knowledge of all things spice! His father, originally from India has passed on to him a sense of spice pride and his mother, Irish born has nourished his love for cooking and combining different flavours. His main challenge was combining convenience with long slow cooking curry preparations and thus Patel’s One-Der Blend was born. An adaptable curry blend with the addition of three extra ready available ingredients leaves for a quick, easy and authentic curry in no time at all. They also have a spice kit which would look good on any kitchen counter!

If you like what you see and would like to visit the iBelieve Christmas market we’ve 27 services daily to Dublin City!