Tastes of Ireland: The New Foodie Guide

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”, Virginia Woolf.

This sums up my whole perception of food. My name is Bella Supiana, author of Mangetout Food & Travel Blog. I am a self-admitted food addict, always on the lookout for nothing less than amazing food! I have to agree with Woolf – If I can’t get my hands on some pretty tasty food, I’m left feeling somewhat empty!

And so that leads me on to the “Tastes of Ireland”, one of the coolest projects I’m about to jump on to! Everyone has to eat and even more so after traveling, be it on a bus or a plane – we all get hungry! The guys at JJ Kavanagh & Sons only know this too well and thought it was about time they send someone to scout out the best places for their hungry travellers to eat after hopping on or off one of their buses . So with this in mind we want to do the hard work for you! We are going to dig deep to find those little gems, adding value to each bus ticket you buy!

What to expect from Tastes Of Ireland…


Well… Loads of pictures, I’m going to work my hardest to capture the true essence of each place I visit along with their star heroes who make that place sizzle! Would some tips and hints on where to find the most delightful bites that won’t empty your pocket make you bounce? How about reviews on the most delectable, foodie approved eat outs? I’m also going to try my hand at collecting some “secret recipes” from foodie magicians in each destination I visit, both sweet and savoury so you can try and re-create their delicious food at home. I hope this all sounds incredibly mouth-watering! So come one… Let me be your foodie guide to whichever JJ Kavanagh & Sons destination you head to next!

If you’ve any suggestions on where we should travel first, simply join in on the conversations across on Facebook  or on Twitter @JJKavanaghBuses….

~ Bella