Tips For Starting College

Transition to third level can be tricky but with some planning, it can be exciting!

For the unsuspecting student it can be quite overwhelming, but with a little thought and planning the transition to third level can be exciting and refreshing. These tips can help students make the transition.


1. Take Responsibility For Your Study

The timetable at third level differs greatly from anything experienced at secondary school. Lectures are usually of 50-minute duration and require attention and a higher level of concentration than experienced in a classroom setting. Free time within the schedule should be seen as an opportunity for research and study which require planning and a balance between socialising with friends afterwards!!

2. Be Aware Of Deadlines

At secondary school, an essay or project deadline may not carry the same penalty as it does at third level. Missing deadlines could have an adverse effect on your overall year’s work.

3. Go To Your Lectures

The academic year is usually taught over two semesters of varying duration but generally, they fall into a 15-week schedule. This includes lectures, tutorials, laboratory work, continuous assessment and final examinations. If you have the option of choosing from a range of subjects, try to attend the lectures of all the possible subjects and not wait until three or four weeks have passed which means you will have missed important material.

4. Join Some Clubs and Societies

Students who join clubs and societies within the first few weeks find it a lot easier to settle in and make friends. It could be a sport or activity you’re already interested in or something entirely new. Outside of the halls of study and the world of lectures, it is essential to meet other like-minded – and not so like-minded – students who may share the same interests as you. This will expand your social circle and provide an opportunity for you to meet students from other courses across the college.

5. Manage Your Budget

Money management can be hard for students at third level due to the economic situation. Part-time work is more difficult to find so advance planning is crucial. Have a realistic expectation of what costs may be involved such as registration, travel expenses, rent, books, food, clothes, socialising, etc


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