Free Travel Seat Reservation

Free Travel Pass holders wishing to reserve their seats before travelling should select the ticket type option ‘Seat Only Reservation (Free Travel Scheme)’ on the journey planner page. 

When you reserve your seat in advance, you have a guaranteed seat for your chosen departure and service. Who needs the headache of driving when you can relax the whole way!

A ‘Seat Only Reservation’ is for customers who would like to reserve a seat on one of the JJ Kavanagh & Sons services and who are in possession of a Valid Free Travel Pass.  The price is €3 each way. 



Step by Step Guide to Booking a ‘Free Travel Seat Reservation’


  • Step 2 –  Choose the service(s) you wish to travel on by selecting one of the journey(s) you wish to travel on and then select ‘Continue’.

  • Step 3 – Passenger Details – Enter name, phone number and email address. 
  • Step 4 – Payment Overview – Read and agree to the terms and conditions then click ‘Pay Now’
  • Step 5 – Confirmation –  You will receive an email confirmation with your Seat Reservation e-ticket. When boarding the coach you can present your printed ticket to the driver for validation. Alternatively, you can show the driver the downloaded ticket on your phone or smart device.
  • Step 6 – The driver will ask for you to present your Department of Social Protection Free Travel Card with your ticket. 

If you do not have a valid Free Travel Card with your seat reservation ticket you will be asked to pay for a ticket to board the coach. 



We look forward to having you on board!