JJ Kavanagh & Sons Taxsaver Guide

JJ Kavanagh & Sons Taxsaver Guide

Registration Guide – Step by Step 

  1. Employer clicks on the Taxsaver tab on the JJKavanagh.ie homepage and fills in their company details.
  2. Employer receives email acknowledging registration and obtains password.
  3. Employer logs into account and registers their employees. Details of employees registered are maintained within their account.
  4. A verification email is sent to the employer for each new employee registered. A list of all employees registered by the employer is located at the bottom of the employee registration page.
  5. Employer clicks on the buy/top-up to the right of the relevant employee which brings them to a dedicated booking engine for monthly/ quarterly/ annual passes.
  6. Employer picks appropriate ticket for employee, and at this point they have have two options for payment:

Card Payment:

  • Proceed to Sagepay Payment Gateway and can pay directly for the monthly/ quarterly/ annual tickets by entering their debit/credit card details.

Bank Transfer:

  • The employer has the option to tick payment by credit transfer which allows the employer to proceed with the ticket purchase. They will then receive a verification email which will provide bank details to which payment can be forwarded and the ticket/smartcard will be released to their employee on receipt of funds. Please allow 7 working days for completion of this process. An invoice will also be forwarded by the JJ Kavanagh & Sons finance team on booking of the relevant ticket type by the employer.
  1. Employer will reduce employee’s gross pay per month/year by cost of the ticket and calculates tax, PRSI, USC on the net of ticket gross pay. This is known as a salary sacrifice arrangement. Please contact your payroll administrator for details on how to process same.
  2. When purchasing a second or subsequent monthly/quarterly/annual pass please top-up employee smartcard from within your account. The ticket will be automatically applied to your smartcard on connecting with the ticket machine on the bus/coach.