Lost Property Department

JJ Kavanagh & Sons Lost Property Department

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays) 7am to 2pm.
Saturday and Sundays and public holidays – closed.

If you wish to phone the office (0818 333 222) please be advised that you will still need to submit a lost and found enquiry in writing via email.

Submitting a Claim

If you believe you have left something on one of our coaches or buses please contact us as soon as possible via email [email protected]. If you include the following information in your email we will be able to resolve the matter more quickly:

  1. Name, contact number and email address
  2. A detailed description of the item that has been lost
  3. Date item was lost
  4. The service you were travelling on
  5. Direction you were travelling (for example: to Dublin Airport or to Waterford City)
  6. The bus stop you where you boarded the bus
  7. Where stop you got off the bus
  8. The time you boarded the bus and the time you got off the bus

If an item is found you must organise collection from one of our depots and will be required to provide proof of identity. A handling fee may be charged.

Please note: We cannot accept responsibility for loss, theft or damage to passenger property on our premises or buses. We also do not accept liability if any lost property is returned to someone other than its rightful owner, such as in cases where false ownership claims are made to the company. Unclaimed lost items will be retained for 3 months before being disposed. For further information please see our lost and found conditions.