TaxSaver Registration Steps

Why Taxsaver?

JJ Kavanagh & Sons Taxsaver Gold Card is a new convenient way to pay for travel across our services. The Taxsaver ticket is up to 52% cheaper than cash or online tickets!

Taxsaver Benefits for Employers:

1. Your company will make employer PRSI savings of 10.75%, as you will have reduced the gross income of each employee receiving a Taxsaver commuter ticket.

Taxsaver Benefits for Employees:

1. Employees can make significant tax and PRSI savings when they receive their annual, quarterly or monthly Taxsaver ticket as part of their remuneration package.


2. Savings of up to 40% tax, 8% USC and 4% PRSI can be made on the cost of the ticket. Individual savings vary depending on a person’s PAYE, PRSI and USC bands.


How to Register for your TaxSaver Gold Card


Taxsaver registration steps