I’m going on a trip.

TimiBut you know what they say… better late than never !

So what’s going on? The name is Ogunyemia and you may remember me from such movies as, ‘Dude, Where’s my BMX?’ and ‘Timi and the Amazing Technicolor Socks’. Some of you may have lived through these episodes with me, most of you probably haven’t… Right now, I’m getting ready for my next production, ‘The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round’.

That’s right, I’m going on a series of trips around the country of Ireland (the country I call home) with JJ Kavanagh coaches. I’m very excited about these trips as although I’ve lived in Ireland for 13 years and been an ‘official’ Irishman for two years, I really only know Dublin. I’ve been living in Dublin for 11 years and I pretty much know it like the back of my hand; outside Dublin however, I’m useless; scratch that, outside the M50 I haven’t a clue what is where!

So, urged on and partly shamed by the @Ireland account followers (which I had the pleasure of curating for a week) I made a deal with myself… I would find the real Ireland, not the Ireland in the tour guides and make my way around the country in little bursts; I have to stay in college and work and all the rest still! Bills have to be paid you know!

So in the last month, I’ve met Laura, the latest in the generations of the JJ Kavanagh family and we’ve gone on little trips around Dublin city; we’ve gone to lovely little independent cafes and talked about the bones of my travels… I’ll be travelling with JJ Kavanagh and meeting with complete strangers who mean something and give something back to their local areas; I’ll be finding the craftspeople, eating and staying in local places and the beauty of it all is I have no idea where any of these people are!

I’m not going completely blind though, you will be my guide. That’s right… I’m travelling Ireland with Ireland as my tour guide. It really doesn’t get much more sincere than that! I’ve got my golden ticket and getting on a JJ Kavanagh coach to a town near you (if you want)!

I’m going on a trip

And I can’t wait to get started!