5 key parts of college life that you need to know!

Getting the checklist right.

We know the importance of getting the essentials right for things to run smooth for the week, and college is no different. If this involves getting mammy to buy the bag of groceries on a Saturday or “borrowing” a few items from home, it is key that you leave for college on Sunday with a weeks’ worth of survival gear.

Sorting the case.

Probably the only thing more important than food in the eyes of every college student. First impressions are key on the first few weeks of college and be it in the lecture hall or those late nights on freshers week, looking your best is as important as eating in the psyche of budding graduates.

Time keeping.

The morning doesn’t start with a call from mam and the school bell no longer guides you through the day. How you plan the day and spend your time is entirely up to you making the planner on your phone your new best friend.

Getting social.

Meeting new people is one of the biggest parts of starting college. This involves leaving your comfort zone and accepting all people are different. Joining societies, chatting before lectures and going for the occasional alcoholic beverage are great ways to expanding your circle of friends.

Planning your journey.

There are many stresses involved with going to college. That early morning lecture after a night out, the late nights spent finishing that essay due or the constant problem of cooking and cleaning after yourself, but there is one thing that should not stress you out. Travel. With JJ Kavanagh and Sons, you can travel up on a Sunday and home on a Friday knowing that you can sit back, relax and enjoy that journey cutting out any stress for the duration of your journey.

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