Save 50% with Young Adult Card (YAC) and Student Leap Cards

We are delighted to announce that all college students with a Young Adult (19-23) Card or Student Leap Card can avail of 50% saving when travelling from Wednesday 7th September 2022.




A range of Young Adult and Student Leap Card tickets will be available on our services including Single, Return and Weekly tickets . To avail of the 50% discount be sure to register for  Young Adult Card (YAC) today: 

  • The Young Adult (19-23) Leap Card is available to all 19 to 23 year olds right up to their 24th birthday.
  • The Student Leap Card remains available to students in full-time education who are 24 years old and above. If you already have a Student Leap Card you’ll get the 50% reduction straight away without having to apply for a new Young Adult Leap Card (19-23). 


How Can I get a Young Adult Leap Card?

You can apply for a Young Adult Leap Card online today before staring back to College. If you don’t have the Young Adult Card (YAC) you can travel with JJ Kavanagh & Sons but you don’t avail of the 50% saving, you will have to pay an adult fare.


Step by Step Guide to Booking your Seat with a Young Adult Card (YAC)


  • Step 1Enter your ‘From’ and ‘To’ fields, select a ‘Single’, ‘Return’ or ‘Weekly’ ticket and select your date(s). Select the type‘YAC (Young Adult Card)’.  Once you have all the required fields filled out select ‘Search’. 

  • Step 2 –  Choose the service(s) you wish to travel on by selecting one of the journey(s) you wish to travel on and then select ‘Continue’.



  • Step 3 – Passenger Details – You must enter your Valid YAC (Young Adult Card) number along with name, phone number and email address. 


  • Step 4 – Payment Overview – Read and agree to the terms and conditions then click ‘Pay Now’
  • Step 5 – Confirmation –  You will receive an email confirmation with your Seat Reservation e-ticket. When boarding the coach you can present your ticket to the driver on your phone for validation.
  • Step 6 – The driver will ask for you to present your Young Adult Card (YAC) or Student Leap with your ticket. 

If you do not have a valid card with your seat reservation ticket you will be asked to pay for a ticket to board the coach. 



We look forward to having you on board!