Disabled Travel Policy

We are pleased to advise that as part of our continuous improvement programme for all passengers using our vehicles to travel on our services, we have now introduced a mechanism to assist all passengers. This will ensure that their safety, the safety of other passengers, or the safety of the driver is not compromised.

Disabled Travel Policy

In the Spring each year,  all of our staff undertake an extensive training programme in Disability Equality, to highlight how we can better assist all our passengers, regardless of their abilities.

We would like to assist all passengers to be able to make their travel experience with us as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

In order to help us to help you, we would appreciate it if possible that you provide forty-eight hours notice in order to be able to meet your exact needs when travelling on your journey with us. However, if you simply turn up on the day of travel we will still do our best to give you the help you may need.

Please feel free to either email us at [email protected], or call us on 0818 333 222 with your exact travel requirements.

Our team of office staff and drivers will be only too happy to assist you with the following:

  • Taking your luggage on and off the coach
  • Assisting you to get up and down the steps of the coach should you typically experience difficulty?
  • Guiding a passenger with a visual impairment if they have difficulty with orientation;
  • There is a loop system for hard of hearing passengers the volume can be adjusted, on request for specific hearing loss.