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Customer Charter

We, JJ Kavanagh & Sons, are wholly committed to providing a safe, comfortable, timely and stress-free travel service to all our customers, all the time.


This Charter outlines who we are, how we deliver our services, and how our agreement with you, the customer, works. It includes our mutual responsibilities, to ensure we deliver on our customer service commitment to you and all our customers.



These policies and procedures, as detailed in this document, also constitute our Terms and Conditions. Every ticket, whether purchased onboard, through our website, or via the JJ Kavanagh & Sons mobile app, is subject to these conditions. By purchasing a ticket, you are agreeing to these terms.


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General Terms

Pre-booked ticket holders get priority boarding at every stop to ensure they get their seats. Remaining seats on the bus are then available to all other passengers without pre-booked tickets on a first-come, first-served basis. Please see Priority Boarding section.

  1. While  we strive to accommodate passengers without pre-booked seats, we accept no liability or responsibility if a passenger is unable to board a specific bus service due to insufficient seat availability.  We strongly recommend passengers pre-book their seats in advance of travel, to avail of priority boarding and a guaranteed seat.
  2. Free Travel Pass holders are welcome to travel for free, upon presentation of their Free Travel Pass on all regular bus services, subject to seat availability. Free Travel Pass holders can reserve seats in advance of travel to guarantee their seats. See Free Travel Pass section.
  3. Passengers must make themselves aware of our stop locations and departure times. Please ensure you arrive at your bus stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  4. Whilst every effort is made to adhere to our stated departure times, services are sometimes affected by factors outside our control such as traffic, weather or other events. See Schedules and Timetables section.
  5. We strongly advise passengers travelling to an airport to plan to arrive at least 3 hours before their scheduled flight departure. See Schedules and Timetables section.
  6. We cannot accept any responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged property. Please see Lost & Found section.
  7. Smoking, vaping or e-cigarettes and the consumption of alcohol or non-prescription or illegal drugs are prohibited on all coaches. See Responsible Passenger Conduct section.
  8. Consumption of hot food on board is prohibited on all coaches. See Food and Drink section.
  9. Passengers are required to wear their seat belts and remain seated until the coach comes to a complete stop.
  10. The driver reserves the right to refuse admission to the coach.
  11. CCTV is in operation on the Coach for passengers’ safety and comfort. GPDR regulations apply.
  12. No animals are allowed on board, except for service animals – please see Animals on Board section
  13.  We acknowledge the National Transport Authority is not responsible for the content of this website.

Schedules & Timetables

We strive to maintain uninterrupted bus services as advertised and are not liable for any delays or disruptions caused by factors beyond our control, including bus breakdowns, supply interruptions from external sources, or adverse traffic conditions.

Our services may be subject to changes or cancellations without prior notice due to circumstances beyond our control. In adverse weather conditions such as snow, fog, or exceptionally challenging road conditions, or if certain roads or sections are closed, we may need to adjust schedules or temporarily suspend services without notice.   We assume no responsibility for any losses, damages, delays, or expenses resulting from such events beyond our control.


Updates and Real-Time Information

Passengers are advised to check the website or our Twitter feed at @jjkavanaghbuses for service updates and monitor the real-time information to track their bus on or JJ Kavanagh & Sons mobile app.


Travel To Airports

Check-in and security queues at Dublin Airport are unpredictable and we strongly advise you book your bus to arrive at Dublin Airport a minimum of 3 hours before your flight departure.

Priority Boarding

JJ Kavanagh & Sons coaches and bus services provide priority boarding for all passengers with pre-booked digital tickets with the correct date and time of  service.  Passengers with pre-booked tickets will be given priority to board the bus first, to ensure they get their seats. Pre-booked passengers are advised to arrive at their bus stop 10 minutes before departure time to avail of priority boarding.

Following priority boarding the remaining seats on the bus are available to passengers without pre-booked tickets  on a first-come, first-served basis including

  • Free Travel Pass holders without a pre-booked seat reservation
  • Passengers without a digital ticket, paying with cash or credit card
  • Any passengers with pre-booked digital tickets for a different time of day

Free Travel pass holders may avail of priority boarding and a guaranteed seat by reserving their seats for a fee of €3 per seat each way. See the Free Travel Pass section.


We strive at  to accommodate pre-booked passengers, however, on rare occasions, seats may  not be available. We cannot accept liability or responsibility for the unavailability of seats on these occasions.

Passenger Ticket Types

Single Tickets

Single tickets are the only type of ticket available for purchase directly from the driver, using cash or contactless payment at the time of departure. Single tickets purchased from the driver are not eligible for any changes or refunds.


Single tickets may also be purchased as a digital ticket from or via our mobile app up to 15 minutes before route departure time.


Return Tickets

Return tickets offer savings of between 10% to 40% and are valid for one outward and one inward journey only. They are not valid for two journeys in the same direction. Return tickets cannot be purchased directly from the driver.

Return tickets must be purchased as a digital ticket from or via our mobile app up to 15 minutes before departure time. Digital return ticket date and times can be changed up to 2 hours before the scheduled route departure time – see How To Make Changes section.


Weekly Tickets

A weekly ticket contains 5 outward and 5 inward journeys within a 7-day period and offer significant savings over the same number of journeys versus  single or return tickets. Weekly tickets cannot be purchased directly from the driver.

Weekly tickets must be purchased as a digital ticket from or via our mobile app up to 15 minutes before route departure time. Digital weekly ticket times (not dates) can be changed up to 2 hours before the scheduled route departure time – see How To Make Changes section.


Family Tickets

A family ticket is a return journey, allowing for two adults and two children under the age of 12. Discounts from 10-60% are possible with family tickets depending on routes and guaranteed seats for all passengers. Family tickets cannot be purchased directly from the driver.

Family tickets must be purchased as a digital ticket from or via our mobile app up to 15 minutes before departure time. Family ticket dates and times can be changed up to 2 hours before the scheduled route departure time – see How To Make Changes section.


Travelling with Children

Children under five years of age may travel for free on our services when accompanied by a responsible person or persons aged 16 years or over, and in possession of a valid ticket or Free Travel pass.

It is not possible to reserve a seat for a child under 5 years old. Children under 5 years old can sit on the lap of the accompanying passenger. Alternatively, you can pre-book a digital ticket and select “child” or if applicable consider buying a Family ticket.


Students and Young Adults

Students and young adults can avail of 50% off on single, return or weekly tickets on all our routes with either the Young Adult Card or the Student Leap card.


These cards may be used to receive a discount when pre-booking any digital ticket, except family tickets, online or via our mobile app, or when buying a single ticket directly from the driver.


The Young Adult  Leap Card is currently available to all 19-23 year-olds, and this will increase to 19-25 year olds from early 2024. Click here for more information.


The Student Leap Card is available to full-time third-level students aged 16-18 or 24 years old and above. Click here for more information.


JJ Kavanagh & Sons Smart Card

Our Smart Card will be discontinued with effect from Dec 31, 2024,  except for Waterford City services. No new cards will be issued.

Using Smart cards Waterford City Service

All Weekly Tickets purchased with your JJ Kavanagh & Sons Smart Card are non-refundable and must be used within the specified dates booked.

Top-Up Credit purchased with your JJ Kavanagh & Sons Smart Card is non-refundable and credit must be used within twelve months from purchase.


It is the customer’s responsibility to have their Smart Card available for scanning when boarding the coach.

Lost or stolen Smart Cards are protected against loss or theft. Please email [email protected] and inform a member of staff of the lost or stolen Smart Card.


Tax Saver Tickets

The Tax Saver scheme is only applicable to monthly, quarterly and annual tickets.


Monthly tickets are valid for one calendar month starting on the first of the month.


Quarterly tickets can be purchased at any time of the year and are valid for any 3 consecutive calendar months, starting on the first day of the first of the 3 months.


Annual tickets can be purchased at any time of the year and are valid for 48 weeks, or 11 calendar months.

Employers should allow 10 working days for the Tax Saver Smart Card to be processed and posted out to their employees. Full payment must be received before tickets are issued.

To enjoy the tax benefits of the Taxsaver tickets, tickets must be purchased by employers on behalf of employees. The cost of the ticket is then deducted from employees’ gross salary, so no tax, PRSI or USC is paid on this amount.


Ticket prices are based on the route travelled.


We reserve the right to change the price of any type of ticket on any given route, at any given time.


Lost or stolen Tax Saver Smart Card will be replaced by us subject to the receipt of confirmation from the employer in writing to [email protected]. An administration charge of €10 will apply to any replacement Cards.


No refunds or credits will be given for monthly Taxsaver tickets.


All tickets must be returned by the Employer to JJ Kavanagh & Sons with a cover note on the Employer’s headed paper outlining the reason for any refund application.


A 10% administration charge will be applied to the amount due for the refund.  For example, if 6 months remain on the ticket, we will refund 6 months minus 10%.

Free Travel

Free Travel Pass holders can travel for free on any of our scheduled coach services except Daily College Routes, providing seats are available.  Depending on the type of Free Travel Pass a companion may also travel free of charge, if there are available seats.


After priority boarding of pre-booked passengers, and if there are remaining seats, any other passengers including those with the Free Travel Pass can board the bus on a first-come, first-served basis.


Free Travel Pass Seat Reservations

Free Travel Pass holders may avail of priority boarding and a guaranteed seat by reserving their seats for a fee of €3 per seat each way.


Free Travel Pass – Smart Card

The Free Travel Smart Card is being discontinued. Holders of the card may continue to use the card until 31st December 2024. No new cards will be issued.

Buying Tickets

Buying Tickets on Board

Following priority boarding of passengers with pre-booked digital tickets, single-journey “paper” tickets may be purchased on board directly from the driver, subject to seat availability Contactless payment or cash is accepted for these tickets.

Single tickets are the only tickets available for purchase directly from the driver. All other tickets, including return, weekly and family tickets, and Free Travel seat reservations must be pre-booked prior to travel.


Pre-Booked Digital Tickets

Digital tickets can be purchased online via or our mobile app using a credit or debit card.

Digital tickets purchased via the mobile app are accessible within the mobile app and must be presented to the driver upon boarding.

Digital tickets purchased on will be emailed to the passenger as a PDF document containing the ticket details and a QR code for each passenger. The PDF with the QR code can be presented to the driver on either a mobile device or as a print-out. It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure they can present the digital ticket to the driver for validation.


Guaranteed Seats

The only way to guarantee your seat on a JJ Kavanagh & Sons bus is by pre-booking a digital ticket in advance via or our mobile app.

Free Travel pass holders may avail of priority boarding and a guaranteed seat by reserving their seats for a fee of €3 per seat each way.


Changing Your Ticket

You can change your digital ticket time/date as often as you like, however, you cannot change the direction of travel, the bus stop departure point, or final destination. Note, weekly ticket times can be changed but not the dates of travel.


Your digital ticket is not refundable however you can change the date and time of your ticket up to two hours before the selected service is scheduled to depart from its journey origin.


You may change your ticket up to a maximum period of 12 months from the original purchase date.


To change a ticket bought on use the reference number, located under the QR code on your e-ticket, and the email address that you booked your ticket with. Click here to change your ticket.


To change your ticket bought with the mobile app: open your app and click “update your book” to proceed with changes.



All tickets purchased through the or JJ Kavanagh & Sons mobile app online booking facility are non-refundable.

However, digital tickets can be changed up to 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time for another date and time.


Missing Your Bus

If you have a pre-booked ticket and you miss your scheduled service, you are not entitled to a refund. If you know you will miss your scheduled service, please use or the mobile app to change your ticket up to two hours prior to departure  – see changing your ticket.

Luggage Policy

Hand Luggage

Each passenger is permitted to carry one small item of hand luggage onto the coach, which can fit in the overhead rack or beneath the seat. Hand luggage may not be stored on adjacent seats and must not obstruct passageways, entrances, or emergency exits.


Additional Luggage

Any luggage in addition to the small hand item must be stored in the coach’s luggage compartment. Luggage must be securely packed, fastened, and labelled with the passenger’s name and address. Passengers may need to show identification upon request when claiming luggage.


Bicycles and Over-Sized Items

Bicycles, scooters, prams and non-folding childrens’ pushchairs may be carried subject to  sufficient room in the luggage compartment.



All items of passengers’ luggage are carried by JJ Kavanagh & Sons at owner’s risk, irrespective of whether or not they have been handed to a J J Kavanagh & Sons employee or agent and without regard to the part of the vehicle in which they are carried or by whom they have been so placed in such vehicle.


J J Kavanagh & Sons, its employees, agents, and/or subcontractors shall not be liable for loss of and/or damage to passengers’ luggage or any passengers’ personal possessions, unless such loss or damage is proven to have been caused by the negligence, breach of duty or breach of statutory duty of J J Kavanagh & Sons, its employees, agents or subcontractors.

In the event of J J Kavanagh & Sons being proven liable for loss or damage under this clause the liability shall be limited to a maximum of €130 in respect of each claim, and also to a maximum of €50 for any one item contained within the luggage lost or damaged.


Personal effects or items of luggage of a relatively expensive nature should not be packed in luggage placed in the luggage compartment, but should be kept in a passenger’s hand luggage or on the person of that passenger. J J Kavanagh & Sons will not be liable for any loss of or damage to such articles if placed in the luggage compartment.


JJ Kavanagh & Sons will not be liable for financial loss involving cash, currency, cheques, credit/cash/charge cards, or for loss of travel or identity documents of any kind.


JJ Kavanagh & Sons will not accept any claim for loss of or damage to property from a third party or made by a passenger on behalf of a third party, irrespective of whether a passenger’s luggage contains items belonging to any such third party.

In the event that a passenger suffers any loss of or damage to luggage, the passenger must report such loss in full to the appropriate Garda Síochána Station so that any subsequent claim can be fully investigated.


J J Kavanagh & Sons will not consider any claim for loss unless the Garda Síochána have been notified and a report filed by them in respect of such a claim.


Claims Process

You must report loss or damage within 24 hours of the journey. Within 5 days you must submit a detailed written report to us via email [email protected]

Responsible Passenger Conduct

Passengers must behave in a manner that ensures the comfort and safety of staff and other passengers. Passengers are required to


  • Be respectful towards fellow passengers and staff. Abusive, threatening, or disorderly behaviour is not tolerated.
  • Avoid causing inconvenience, harm, or damage to other passengers, their belongings, or our facilities.
  • Not consume alcohol or use non-prescribed or illegal drugs whilst onboard our coaches or premises.
  • Not board our coaches whilst under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed or illegal drugs.
  • Not smoke or use electronic cigarettes or “vapes”, whilst onboard our coaches or premises.
  • Not travel on board if they are seriously ill or have a contagious disease. We kindly ask you to postpone your travel for the safety of everyone.

If a passenger fails to adhere to our Responsible Passenger Conduct guidelines, we reserve the right to take necessary actions for the safety and comfort of all passengers. This may include restraining or removing passengers from any of our coaches or premises, denying further travel, and cancelling their ticket without a refund. In situations where safety or security is a concern, we may also involve law enforcement authorities.

Additionally, we maintain the discretion to refuse service, either temporarily or permanently, to anyone who disregards these conduct guidelines.

Food & Drink

Customers are asked not to bring food or drink on board which presents a risk to the safety, cleanliness and condition of our vehicles or the comfort of fellow passengers, including strong smelling food.


Any food and drink brought on board must be in an appropriately sealed or fastened container, to avoid any risk of spillage and any rubbish must be taken when leaving the vehicle.

Lost & Found

We accept no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to passenger property on our premises or buses. We also do not accept liability if any lost property is returned to someone other than its rightful owner, such as in cases where false ownership claims are made to the company.


Any property left on our premises will be retained for 3 months before being disposed .


To reclaim lost items, you must provide a detailed description of the item(s), proof of identity, and the date when the item was left. A handling fee per article may be charged when lost property is claimed.


For contact details and procedures to reclaim lost items please see our Lost and Found page.

Disabled Passengers

How We Provide Assistance

If you require assistance because of a disability, please inform the driver as you are about to board and they will be  happy to assist you with the following


  • Taking luggage on and off the coach
  • Assisting passengers in getting up and down the steps of the coach
  • Guiding a passenger with a visual impairment, if they have difficulty with orientation
  • There is a loop system for hard-of-hearing passengers and the volume can be adjusted on request for specific hearing loss

Wheelchair Accessibility

Our Waterford and local link services are PSVAR compliant, low floor vehicles and with an access ramp with dedicated space for wheelchairs.


Providing Notice If Possible

We strive to provide disabled passengers with assistance. However, to meet your exact needs to the best of our ability please provide forty-eight hours’ notice when travelling with us by emailing [email protected] or by phoning 0818 333 222 with your exact travel requirements.

Animals on Board

Service Animals including Guide Dogs, Assistance Dogs and Therapy Dogs

Guide dogs and Assistance dogs accompanying passengers are permitted to travel on all our services free of charge and without restriction.

Guide, Assistance, or Therapy dogs must wear their harness or jacket so our drivers can identify them as working dogs and not pets. These dogs must be trained by a recognized organization specifically for their designated purpose (Guide, Assistance, or Therapy), including training for travel on public transport.

Please let us know ahead of time, where possible, so we can best accommodate your service animal.

There is no limit to the number of Guide, Assistance, or Therapy dogs allowed on a bus, subject to space availability.

The owner of the Guide, Assistance, or Therapy dog is responsible for ensuring the dog remains under control, whether through a harness, leash, or carrier.

Other Animals

No other animals including dogs, excluding the aforementioned service animals, cats or live fowl of any description are permitted on board.

Privacy & Data Protection

Please review our Privacy Policy for full information on how we collect, use and manage passenger information.

Customer Care Contact

Customer Complaint Procedure

If a customer is dissatisfied with any aspect of our service you should complain directly to us. 


The complaint should be made within 2 weeks of the incident. The complaint will be acknowledged and a complainant will thereafter receive a reply within 1 month of the incident as to whether the complaint has been accepted or rejected or if it is still being considered.


Please email your complaint to our [email protected]


If your complaint is urgent you may speak with our customer service team at 0818 333222

Customer Service

Please email [email protected] if you require assistance, information or wish to provide customer feedback.


Lost & Found

For contact details and procedures to reclaim lost items please click here to be directed to the Lost and Found page.



To speak with our customer service team please call 0818333222.
Operating hours are

  • Monday to Friday: 9 am – 5.30 pm
  • Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays: Closed

Amendment of Terms

As our service offerings continue to evolve and expand, we retain the right to modify and amend these terms at any time to reflect these changes. It is recommended that you regularly review these terms to stay informed about any updates.

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